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re: Yes, that indeed might be the case. I also wonder why, at this point, it is the case. I.e., why a lifecycle seems so natural at this point. It's n...

My feeling at the moment is that Hooks is an attempt to solve issues they created themselves by pushing functional programming too far (HOC wrapper hell, etc.).
That's weird because it's pretty easy and elegant to avoid those problems if you use the right OOP patterns (adapters, dependency injection...).
I wish they had improved the class usage rather than introducing those terrible, anti-pattern, useThings.
They are shiny and new, they are nice for small components and todo demo apps, but for large apps, the problems remain.

That's an interesting take as they're using closures. Which as you may know isn't new, nor specifically "functional".

HOC wrapper hell is also interesting as in my experience most HOCs issues are down to bad architecture and exhibit similar as inheritance.

"They are shiny and new" - they're old. Only new in React land.

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