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Discussion on: How to build your own blog in 2020 today

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Dmitrii Pashutskii

Nice article, can relate on that and especially about less is more.

Yesterday I decided to setup my old blog locally and tweak it a bit, but I totally forgot that it has auto-setup which creates dummy posts at Contentful and eventually it leaded that I re-write some of my old posts there.

I ended up completely re-setup my blog and make it very simple this time. Moved all my posts to markdown instead of Contentful and take very easy theme to make the looks of the blog much nicer and add a lot of abilities to tweak it out in the future.

Feels really nice, I'm happy. I hope it'll lead to much more writing this year.

dbredvick profile image Author

Nice - I'm all for simple. Good luck on the writing more this year!