Testing IS for Beginners

Benjamin Dowen on March 14, 2019

Jon Calhoun recently posted a very detailed explanation of why "Testing is Not for Beginners" Testing is No... [Read Full]
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I think this post is great that one does not need to be a TDD expert before they can put on their software testing hat. However, I think it depends on the type of functionality one is trying to impose. I have found great value in the concept of event storming, domain driven design, and domain modeling. It truly is worth it to spend time designing and thinking about the problem before coding.


Those techniques sound interesting. I'll have to look into then as I'm unfamiliar. Can you recommend any reading material?


This article provides a pretty high level detail into what it is composed of.
This guide using FSharp is helpful when converting reality to code models.


Thank you so much for this post! I understood what the other post was suggesting, and also that the purpose of the headline was to be clickbaity, but it made me really sad. I love testing and QA, and the idea I got from that article that I wasn't "advanced" enough when I moved into this position gave me a couple rounds with impostor syndrome. #Testing4Life!


I'm so glad it was helpful for anyone but myself :)


Sorry, my OCD will keep me up all night if I don't correct you.

your => you are

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