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Discussion on: Anatomy of test automation

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Benjamin Dowen Author

Us humble QA Engineers often have to manage being a lot of things to a lot of people.

  • Business analysts
  • Communicators
  • Risk identifiers
  • Model builders
  • Software engineers
  • Customer advocates
  • System administrators
  • Team members
  • Leaders

If we are lucky, we are well supported, respected and don't need to wear all of these hats at the same time.

The larger the organisation and the bigger the teams. The more opportunity there is to specialise and add value doing fewer things well.

But there is great power in small teams. I work in a squad as the sole QA Engineer with 6 Developers, a solutions architect, a DevOps engineer and a product owner. I don't do all the things all the time, and I get the opportunity to pair with others in the team to work together to achieve our goal of delivering high quality solutions.

Like I said, making software is a team sport.