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Discussion on: Ron, The Untouchable, Invincible, No-Good Developer (Conclusion)

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Doug Schwartz

OMG, reminds me of a gig I had a large telco. I was one of three contract technical writers and we needed another person to help. So they handed us Jim. Apparently Jim had worn out his welcome in a number of other business units, so we were the patsies.

I quickly learned Jim had no idea how the product worked, or how to explain anything about anything. So as the de facto lead I gave him simple tasks. Something I could have done in about an hour. A week later he was still not done, so I looked at what he had done so far. He had decided to work on something entirely tangential to the assignment.

So I went to Bill (the pill was our nickname as he could only trot out management-speak) and asked him to pull Jim from out team. I got the runaround and we had to put up with Jim for months before my constant negative feedback to Bill sunk in.

So they moved Jim to customer support. OMG. No wonder customers hated our help line.