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Discussion on: If you mostly write code for your day-to-day, do you have plans to get promoted out of that situation?

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Midpoint Nerd

I used to work Desktop Support at one organization. I coded a bit for fun and to solve repetitive work issues (easier to train an intern to run a script and fill out a worksheet than memorize everything).

Then I thought "You know what I want? More time for projects and less on putting out small fires".

So I took a pay-cut and changed departments… putting out small email config fires and never having time to redesign the website. Leaving a team of 13 for a team of one and a half (including me) was frustrating because my old boss was the best support I had: she knew how to tell the client "No, we can't and we won't do that."

Now, I'm a junior web/backend developer at a sister organization. I'm given tasks with a clear goal and deadline in mind, my voice is appreciated in design meetings, and I'm not personally responsible for more than I can personally handle (e.g. my supervisors know when to tell the client AND/OR me "No" for our own good).

I think I'd rather work in a functional team more than merely having a higher title myself.