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Archiving Logs For An App That Doesn't Have Built In Archiving

The disk on an important server keeps getting low of free space.

The important server runs a small application that doesn't include built-in log rotation or archiving for two rather noisy components. I want to keep the local logs as small as possible but maintain an archive of all logs for at least one year.

User PowerShell to copy all log files to a blind-write network location on a daily basis then delete all logs not being actively written to from the local location.

The code must be easily understandable for my boss since he handles this task while I am away. No loops, no arrays, etc.

Example Code:

# Ensure the target directory exists
md -f '\\\shared\it\NoisyApp Logs\Component1\'

# Copy the current log files to the archive location
cp -r -fo '\\\C$\Program Files\NoisyApp\Logs\Component1\*' '\\\shared\it\NoisyApp Logs\Component1\'

# Delete any logs not being actively written to. 
rm -r -fo '\\\C$\Program Files\NoisyApp\Logs\Component1\*' -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
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I had to include "-ErrorAction SilentlyContinue" to suppress the flurry of red text that appears when rm cannot remove open files. This is expected behavior, but red text can be scary!

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