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Discussion on: Why I don't like to use Styled-Components

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Dor Shinar

And what if I told you that SC actually generates regular CSS stylesheets? Because it does.
And yes, JS is single threaded, but if it can run the most popular websites on the internet, I guess it's good enough.
So no, CSS-in-JS is not "re-implementing the browser engine in a slower language" any more than React is "re-implementing the browser engine [html rendering] in a slower language".

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Junk • Edited

A browser engine is not just HTML, that's kind of the point.

It's not good enough. Even if it were sometimes, it's not all the time, and we'd be able to improve on it someday. But it's really not. Where have you been the last decade as JS dramatically bloated the network transport size of web UIs and spiked their startup and runtime CPU and memory requirements just as mobile devices were becoming a norm?

Oh, you mean it works on your machine? I bet it does! If it didn't, would you keep using it? Yeah. Neither will end users. And it doesn't work on their machines.

Why so many application engineers I encounter are stubbornly defensive about this subject despite the fact that (a) this is measurable and significant research and evidence is freely available (b) engineers who architect and implement web browsers and their underlying engines are among the ones who have been telling you this for years. And not because they are killjoys who want us all to fail. What kind of reasoning is, "everyone else does it so it must be fine!" Give me that and a quarter and I'll have exactly 25 cents.