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How to become a Developer while being a Student

doria_samuele profile image Samuele Doria ・2 min read

As a student and an aspiring Web Developer I know the struggle between wanting to become a developer while having our duty as a Student to study every day (if you want good grades or want to pass exams, choise is yours really ahah).

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"But I don't have any freetime!"
I can tell you it really is not that hard, if you have freetime to play videogames or to watch TV, you also have time to learn about what you really are passionate and if you don't, try thinking if this is what you want to do. Sometimes school doesn't really give us the opportunity to find and explore what we really like and what could one day become our job. Now is the time to take action and put to use the freetime you are wasting and invest it in something one day will put you ahead in the work place.

"I'm too tired to do anything"
Again, you should set your priorities right: if you really want to learn about programming in general, it will take a lot of time and pursuit but it sure will not be a problem if this is your passion. Think of it like a hobby, with the right mindset it sure will be no problem.

Be patient
Looking on social network you can really find students younger and more expert than you everywhere and this can be told about anyone, there is always someone better,but it really shouldn't bother you. Everyone needs to work through steps and slowly learn. You will be just as good if you put your mind to it and just keep learning steadly. Don't try to rush your process.

So what are you waiting now? Start today, find what inspires you and fight for your passion. School will teach you but you can't always wait for that, something you need to make the first step, so if you want to do it, don't look for excuses. There is and endless source of tutorials and videos of any kind, you can do it.

As of me, I do this already while studying Computer Engineering, I've done it through my first year and I've passed all my exams with really good grades while also studying to become a web developer and what I do really makes me feel good and that's what matters.


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andrewbrown profile image
Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

When I went to community college over a decade ago it was like getting free time. I just skipped the classes or did the minimum effort on my assignments so I could free up as much time to utilize the school computers for my learning purposes.

Ruby on Rails was released my first year of college and I knew it had to be the next big thing.

If you are obsessed with your goals, you'll be compelled to make every second available for your pursuit. You will take your computer to the bathroom with you just to get time in.

I thought when I had kids my pursuits was over. People kept asking me how do I stay so up to date with web-dev two babies because they said as soon as they had one kid they just didn't have the time to keep up.

Just some of us are more obsessed than others.

zchtodd profile image

To your point about not having free time or energy, I feel like just getting started is usually the hardest part. Once I'm over the first hurdle, I've got the editor open and making some changes, I find I start picking up steam. So nowadays I remind myself about that and just start making small changes, anything really, to get over that "tired and staring at my monitor" phase.

kenovienadu profile image
Ovienadu Ken

Indeed....getting started is the hardest thing to do when you're dead tired. But once you have that editor open it becomes a different story. I normally get instant mental energy to push on for hours.