Let's discuss inspiration and tools to form a better design process

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I've recently landed my first full-time Front-End development role while also recently landing a freelance job with a production company to help redesign the websites that support their company / shows.

I've been building my coding chops over the past 4 months and definitely am starting to get comfortable building out web apps without much of a design process behind it ie I might draw a small wireframe and run right into coding and piecing the site together as I go. It was here I started to run into the issue of just hitting the wall of piecing the design together as I go and not really delivering what I would call an enjoyable UI experience, or feeling like I could have prepared myself better.

I would love to hear this communities stories about how they started molding their creativity in design/ui, the tools you love to use and why, and just all around advice for someone trying to fill their exp bar.

Thanks Dev.to'ers :)

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UI Engineer @ MachineQ, a Comcast compamny.. Javascript is cool. I code and I play games. Let's talk about it :)


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Just found this really cool site


Anyone know others like this?



Site Inspire

Unmatched Style (but navigate to the gallery)

CSS Mania (also go to the gallery)


This is awesome Alex, thank you!