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Discussion on: Nevertheless, Muna Mohamed Coded

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Dominic Duffin

I enjoy both subjects and I could see how they had a relevance to one another, as you say, particularly around the data-analysis and statistical side of economics, which I really like (I enjoy doing maths and statistics). Studying both subjects should give me the grounding to explore interesting applications of computing in economics.

I think you might be right that the data side of things might put people off - I think a lot of people in economics are more interested in theories than in applying economics in the real world - and computing is less help with the theoretical side. I also wonder whether silo mentality in institutions stops people from seeing the relevance of disciplines to one another - even though advances in information technology could be very interesting from a theoretical point of view in terms of what is possible in society.

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Muna Mohamed Author

Me too! I always loved Maths as a kid so naturally gravitated towards economics for a-level, then uni.

I know what you mean - that's what made me lose interest in economics. It became more theoretical than practical which made it more difficult to relate to. I agree, there's a disconnect between the two disciplines. Hopefully, this disconnect dissipates soon in the future because they both have a lot to benefit from each other, particularly in this day and age.