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Top 10 Atom packages for 2021

Continuing with my previous post "Atom, the hackable text editor" here's a list with the top packages of 2021. There are many other packages out there, but this list will give you a good entry point and a good overview of what is available.

Build is a package that enables build processes to be run by command from within Atom. There is a long list of build providers available such as Java, C++, Ruby, and AppleScript. But if the included providers don’t meet your needs, you can define your own using JSON, CSON, YAML, or JS.

Atom comes with an auto-complete feature, but it isn’t very smart. With Tabnine’s all-language auto-complete, you will find you have to click the down arrow on the dropdown a lot less, as its AI-backed algorithm does much more than provide all relevant options.

Minimap shows your file structure to the side of the editor. This addition makes the file structure easily digestible and allows scrolling to the location you’re looking for easier. Particularly useful if you tend to work on large files.

A code linter is a static code analysis tool that provides immediate feedback about errors in your code without needing to run a build. You’ll also need to install language support for any language you use. Among the long list of supported languages are Java, C++, HTML, JSON, and Kubernetes.

Atom Beautify
Atom Beautify provides a quick and easy way to format your code. It changes spacing and structure to conform to code formatting standards.

TeleType allows multiple authors to simultaneously edit a file, much like how editing works in Google Docs, but with a code editor. This is a feature that Atom advertises on its front page and is a big selling point for Atom.

Git Plus
While Atom comes with built-in Git integration, it has its limitations. Sometimes you’ll need to do some more complex commands, and for that, you’d need to open a terminal window. Unless you have Git-plus installed, then you can do it from within Atom.

Highlight Selected
A text highlighter that makes it easier to find all instances of the exact text. Basic, but saves time using Ctrl+F.

File Icons
File Icons is a simple icons package to help with the readability of the file tree.

Some people like having a lot of tabs open. Personally, that stresses me out. ZenTabs keeps the tab count below a maximum, closing the oldest tab first.

Do you have any other recommended package? Let me know in the comments!

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