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Serverless Architecture Patterns in #AWS

dominguezdaniel profile image Daniel Dominguez ・1 min read

1- Backend API Service

Alt Text

2- Hosting Microservices

Alt Text

3- Backend and Frontend Service

Alt Text

4- CloudFront with Regional API Gateway

Alt Text

5- Backend and Frontend Service using Single CloudFront Distribution

Alt Text

6- Storage First

Alt Text

7- APIs hosted by the backend service and frontend content hosted in S3

Alt Text


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craigewert profile image

I feel you are missing a beat relying ONLY on DynamoDB for your data store. a managed RDS would serve in some places where a key-value wont, and is just as "serverless" (IMO). Likewise there is a place for Redshift in that spot, too. Possibly Athena.

colwillis profile image

Yes, but I think these are the "most common" ones.

There is probably another set for Async too? (Step Functions, Event Bridge)

Other type of API - Amplify/GraphQL?