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Discussion on: Should you have a staging server for testing?

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Lukáš Doležal • Edited on

I've worked in relatively big SaaS company (100s of production deployments a day) without having staging environment. PR -> master -> CI -> live production. We relied heavily on feature flags and it worked well. We did not have significant outages number higher than industry standart. We did not loose data. And when we did, we made sure we have recovery ways. We would think about what is the worst case that can happen and be prepared for it, rather try to ignore it.

We learned how to work in such environment, beeing risk cautious, limiting blast radiuses by flags or sort of blue/green deloyments.

What it gives us tho was much faster development cycle. And also getting feedback from actual live system as early as possible. As even staging would not give you 100% security as certain bugs are only discovered in production.