Learning Frontend as a Backend dev

Pascal Dennerly on February 27, 2020

Hey all, I thought I'd pull the community for tips on learning Frontend development. I've been writing backend software in various forms for many,... [Read Full]
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I am also in your situation currently. What I did is starting off with freecodecamp. Did their intro courses to HTML, CSS and vanilla js. Once I felt comfortable working with the three, I gradually started using vue.js as my frontend library, currently still trying to make all this work and improve my skills. Hats off to all frontend devs, I used to think it was all fun and games until I began writing frontend code. Lol.


Oh no, I definitely know it's not trivial.

I've done some amazing C++ template stuff, written JCAs, lead CICD strategies etc. I have technical chops.

Frontend is intimidating!


Extremely intimidating.
I'm a backend too.

Nice talking to you and all the best in your frontend learning path :)


Actually, I just gave FCC a quick go. It's pretty neat - thanks!


Someone asked a similar question in r/reactjs subreddit.

Should I start with FCC ("FCC" -> Free Code Camp) javascript course prior to starting React?

I have about 4 years of Python and C++ experience but 0 front end experience besides HTML/CSS

FCC is a good way to get started with programming but you'd find many frontend courses easy to follow.

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