🎵 Productivity / Focus / Brain Music and It's Effect

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How many of you listen to music for productivity, focus, brain stimulation? Share your experiences and opinions on this subject.

Here are some services that I know.

1. Listen on repeat

In her book, On Repeat: How Music Plays the Mind, psychologist Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis explains why listening to music on repeat improves focus. When you're listening to a song on repeat, you tend to dissolve into the song, which blocks out mind wandering (let your mind wander while you're away from work!).

2. brain.fm

They are using science approach to create different music that affects the brain in the way you need.

3. Focus music for productivity and concentration

One of many channels on YouTube that claim that their music affects creativity, productivity, focus, and mental state.

What your thoughts on this?


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Dmitry Shvetsov Author

I tried # 2 and # 3 and my experience is exceptionally positive. I did not study how productive I was, but I was definitely not distracted and was focused on the task.