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re: I like 3-6 a lot and I must admit, I have been doing that sometimes without thinking about it. "then you can use a Zen practice to wish happiness a...

Is like say something nice to someone to make their day brighter?

Here is the process:

  1. Find a seat
  2. Close eys
  3. You need to imagine vividly one person with whom you have not complicated relationships (a colleague, for example)
  4. Then you need to wish this person "may you be happy'
  5. "May you be safe"
  6. "May you be healthy, peaceful, and strong"
  7. "May you give and receive appreciation today"

You need to truly believe in what you are saying. Tim Ferriss said that this practice he recommended to couple of his friends and after a week of practicing they said "it was the most amazing week in my life". It is a powerful tool!

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