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The news that O'Rourke was in the CDC & therefore presumably knows how this whole "internet" thing works makes it all the stranger that his website doesn't say a single word about what he's running on. Nothing about issues, no policy proposals, just buy swag, get a job with the campaign, or donate. Not that the man's said that much more on the subject in the interviews I've read; when he isn't breaking pledges to reject oil industry money or voting to deregulate banks further, he comes off like a predictive text algorithm trained on a bunch of Obama platitudes (although unlike Obama, he won't even go so far as to label himself a progressive!).

O'Rourke's schtick seems to sell well to a rather narrow band of the professional class, but there's no ignoring that after thirty years of tepid incrementalism and bipartisan legislative compromise amounting to bupkis unless you like wars or paying through the nose for health insurance, the Democrats' base has moved well to the left. People are looking for big ideas and ambitious plans like a Green New Deal and universal Medicare, and if they're asked to settle for rhetoric about togetherness instead you're looking at another four years of wandering in the proverbial desert.

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