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Some other ideas:

  1. If you feel like you don't belong in the meeting or get bored, it's OK for you to leave. Of course, make sure the whole team understand this rule before it's applied.

  2. No screens! If you need to take notes use pen and paper instead. Phones and tablets are forbidden. Maybe one laptop plugged into a big screen for everyone to see.

  3. ROTI is a nice tool for the meeting's organizers to get better at their task.

  4. If you need to write a report of what was discussed, do it right after the meeting. The more you wait, the more you'll forget. If relevant, include in the report what need to be done and by whom.

  1. ROTI is a nice tool for the meeting's organizers to get better at their task.

It’s actually a nice thing for teams to even understand that there should be a meeting facilitator, and somebody needs to play this role, and be in the know-how about facilitation.


Also, your 4th point makes me think of really troublesome scenarios where people avoid their commitments (decided from the meetings) pretending that they’ve forgotten or misunderstood, etc. This fosters a lot of negativity and conflict. Oh, and especially if they are a stakeholder or something like this.

In this case, I think documenting all the decisions made is great, and sending them as an email to:

  1. Make sure both parties are on the same page and wish to commit to this.
  2. To hold everyone accountable, including your stakeholder(s) or manager(s).
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