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Hello Friend.

I also am: rubbish at what I do, feel like I barley know C#, I use frameworks all the time, CSS is a pain in the ass, and I attended a bootcamp :D

Ive been a professional developer for about a year and a half now I think. I mostly right C# and Javascript(I use A LOT of jQuery) and I'm not totally sure the imposter syndrome ever really goes away, but I think that's the cool thing about being a dev. You get to be surrounded by people who have knowledge you don't have and you get to learn from them and they learn from you. My day at work consists mostly of scavenging around Google/Stack Overflow trying to understand what an IEnumerable is and asking questions until I'm confident enough to move forward with my tasks. Then later when the same issue comes up I get to say 'Hey Ive done this before' and I knock my work out and I get to go home fulfilled.

as for learning a real language. Ruby is absolutely a real language, I believe this site is built on rails so that alone should be evidence enough that your knowledge and skills currently are valuable and valid!

I wish I knew Ruby, I hear people really love it. I just havent gotten around to trying it.

Just keep learning, practicing and applying for jobs and everything will turn out all right! :D

Im not a writer so apologies if this is response is all over the place.


I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Yeah my days are far too stack overflow oriented :/

As for Ruby, I actually love the language ! It was more just weird feeling I get when I tell people I'm a ruby developer.

Thanks for the encouraging reply !

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