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re: Your code should tell a story: Tips for writing code for others to read
Thanks for the read. Very informative.
re: Create a Reading Scroll Progress Bar for Your Blog in JavaScript and CSS
Good job. I like this!
re: Coronavirus tracking website made with Vue and Node
Yes this is excellent! This is inspiring. Great job.
re: What was your win this week?
This week, I contributed to a work group revamping a traffi...
re: I work as a developer, run a bar and an escape room β€” all at the same time
Thanks for sharing. Good story.
re: What is your Favorite Browser?
I use Brave and Firefox at home and Chrome at work. I love ...
re: First impression of Indigo Studio. The best way to bring UX to your application!!
Glad I found this article. I have joined a new project wher...
re: Survey Form for Free Code Camp Responsive Web Design Certificate
Inspiring read. Thanks!
re: My 1 Year Coding Anniversary: From Video Tutorials to Software Engineer
Man that was an inspiring story! Thanks. Always glad to hea...
re: Creating Blog site using Stackbit, GatsbyJS and DEV -1
Good article. I enjoyed it. I learned a few things. Thanks!
re: Our favourite Spotify Playlist for Coding
Thanks! I am checking it out now!
re: Paid internships
thanks for letting me know. It really depends on the compan...
re: How many of you work better in the evening versus the morning?
Yep this guy too!
re: How many of you work better in the evening versus the morning?
Yeah me too.
re: How many of you work better in the evening versus the morning?
Great me too!
re: Why I Love The Podcast
Yeah kicks butt! Great to listen to Wes and Scott...
re: Never Too Late to Learn: My (meandering) path to a career in software engineering
Yes great story. Definitely compelling to keep moving forwa...
re: Chuck Norris Random Facts
Love this!
re: Fixing Burnout: an unproductive cycle that will hold you back
Matt great read. I am going through this currently. Not nec...
re: Scan Your Network for Vulnerabilities With Nmap
I remember learning the basics of Nmap when I was in school...
re: A Practical Guide to Finding a Tech Job with Relocation to Europe
Wow, this is a great read. This makes me want to travel, wo...
re: Taiwan & Hong Kong Need Our Help
Superb post!
re: Cannabis arrests vs. African-American population rates
Very interesting. Thanks for this pen.
re: A generalist is born when a specialist becomes bored
Daniel great read. In other times, the generalist would be ...
re: Roadmap for Frontend Developer
I like Gatsby also and I found the documentation easy to fo...
re: Who/what should I follow on Instagram for web-dev?
I enjoy @realtoughcandy . Great advice for one an all! Shou...
re: A CEO's #1 Tip On How Stand Out As A New Full-Stack Developer in A Competitive Market ⚑
Matthew great read! MY best tech skill is CSS.
re: I just did my first guest podcast and I'm giving away a free study course for AWS Certification!
Matthew great read! MY best tech skill is CSS.
re: I'm a senior developer and I regularly google "html image tag"
So true
re: CSS Cheat Sheets!
Great listen! Learned a few things.
re: 10 Great Programming Projects to Improve Your Resume and Learn to Program
Excellent post!
re: Part 1: Planning the NGO's Amman Imman's Webpage Re-Design
Good job
re: 8 Habits For Beginning and Mid Level JavaScript Developers That Sabotage Your Future
Good tips.
re: The Definitive List of Things I Don't Know
Yes this was great read! I have so many of the same thought...
re: HTML can do that?
This is a great post definitely. Thanks for all of the info...
re: What Job Would you Want To Be Doing if You Weren’t Coding?
Probably DJing and collecting music.
re: Did you transition to tech from another career?
Well yeah I am in that process now. My work background real...
re: What I Learned from my First Tech Conference
Yes there is a ton to do in the area.
re: What I Learned from my First Tech Conference
As a developer in the Seattle area, you pretty much nailed ...
re: 3 Tips for new developers
Good job.
re: How to Talk to Normies: Public Communications in the Infosec Field
Great article. Spot on Derek. The gen pub only cares about ...
re: Honey, I Type Checked The Children
Thanks for this information.
re: Introduction to computer forensics
Yep good start to this topic. This is what I studied in sch...
re: Episode 113 - DJ to Developer
Thanks for this podcast! I can relate to Paddy. I DJ on th...
re: What was your win this week?
This week, my computer science degree!!!!
re: 10 HTML Elements You Didn't Know You Needed
What a great read. Will definitely try out and use these e...
re: I’ve done the courses, tutorials, videos. Where do I go from here to get hired?
Thank you for this article. I am at this point and I am fe...
re: State of Markdown Editors 2019
Great read. I have been looking over markdown stuff over t...
re: What Type of Music Do You Listen to While Coding?
Listen to lo-fi or old school hip hop. Also some classical...
re: Turn any Google sheet into a REST API
Yeah pretty neat tool. Tried it out very impressed. Thank...
re: Getting a Tech Job with No Experience
Good article. I am finishing up school (yay! 1 month left)...