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Besides Trello, I use plain sheet of paper and a pen. I write down what's on my mind. If these are TO DO tasks, I enjoy striking them through when they are done. If these are some numbers (like performance time), I don't have to keep them in my memory. If these are some schemes, I can better understand the structure of what I am working with. When I have to wait, I also doodle. When the sheets are not necessary anymore, I just throw them away.

I do the most urgent small tasks first, important tasks second, and monotonous tasks last. For mental blocks, these help: google, stackoverflow, coffee, upbeat music, rest, sleep, talking with other developers.

I try to stay productive as long as possible without procrastinating, but I don't measure my productivity. Different development tasks are of different complexity levels also the productivity is different on different days depending on rest, food, mood, etc, so measuring productivity by tasks completed per hour wouldn't make sense.

If I program at my spare time, I usually do that until I finish a single feature, or if that's a longer task to do - while I have motivation and time.

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