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My Experience with Ngrok on Windows

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I am user used to Ubuntu. Since I started my career as a developer I have been using Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a great OS that I enjoy so much. But I have to stop using Ubuntu because my Laptop could not handle it anymore. The Laptop is kind of old and I need to get a new one.
For the main time I have to change my OS to Windows. To get my environment setup was kind of hard for me to do. I am a Python Developer specialized in Django web development. As a developer you might need something apart from local server port 80: ngrok has been a big help in this aspect.
When I switched to window I found it hard to use Ngrok because they environment had change.

But here are what I did:
Download Ngrok. That come in zip file
Unzip the file, you will get ngrok.exe file
Copy ngrok.exe file into a location you can easily find it
Anytime you want to use it, go to that location and launch it.
Then you are good to go.

This is not like Ubuntu when you can launch it from the terminal.
I welcome comments, if you know of any way I can use this, let me know.

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