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Discussion on: Kubernetes is not your friend

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Dishant Pandya

I respect your opinion and most of it is true and relevant but few things you have told sound like grapes are sour because you can't reach them.

  1. K8s run only docker containers? : K8s can be run using any available container engines runc, rkt, containerd, etc. Docker is default. It can run any OCI Compatible Container Image, including Docker. Docker is Popular so is the Dockerhub.
  2. Data Storage is Non Existent? Check out Kubernetes Persistent Volumes and Persistent Volume Claims. Stateful Deployments and StatefulSets. The native support is too good, but if you want you can implement clustered block storage with ceph, or similar tools.
  3. The only way to store data is to use external databases? I have been runnning Statefulset with Mysql since more than a Year in Kubernetes Without any Data loss through container updates and config changes. Want to connect to mysql can export db? Use port-forwarding. Its easy and secure.