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Discussion on: One does not "just containerize" an app

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Dishant Pandya

Containers were never meant to make the installation of dependencies easier in the first go, it definitely requires one to have domain specific knowledge of application code they are putting into containers, some linux and dependencies related stuff, most importantly, understanding of each and every dependency you are defining. I have observed developers installing ngrok, puppeteer, pm2, nodemon all together for node packages, which is not right. With well defined runtime configuration containers make it easier to package and ship applications or just the runtime environment for other developers. And to save yourself from all this, try cloudnative buildpacks.

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Tyler Smith Author

Hey Dishant, thanks for reading my post.

I agree with everything you're saying. I wrote this because I heard a lot of developers talking about containerization like it was a technology that could solve all development and deployment problems. It's certainly solved several of my problems, but it's created a new class of problems in the process.

I wrote this post to highlight some of those problems for anyone who is just getting into containers so they know what kinds of challenges they might face.

I may check out cloudnative buildpacks though.