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Discussion on: React lists without .map

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In theory this is great. It addresses a problem in React I hated for a very long time. However in practise this is too complex I feel. What you did was great and the first step is very important however the second step is too complex. Try having a Junior understand that without needing to explain it. The cons of complexity far outweigh the pros of micro optimisation here. This also turns JSX in React into a templating language which is something React is not made for. Not because it isn't a good idea but because it isn't the convention and therefore requires training. Again this is a great concept but too complex for production I feel.

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Mike Talbot Author • Edited on

I do see your point and I think the code you use on a project should be balanced by the architects controlling it.

Our main app uses this and a <VirtualRepeat> that has the same signature but lets you specify a number of visible items and it's nice because everyone knows them and can swap between them as necessary - however - it does require training and would not work well in many circumstances. Also we use the version that does <Repeat list={blah} item={<SomeItem blahblah={doSomething}/>} /> over the one that uses it as a child.