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99% of the people I hear complaining about JavaScript at work are expecting the language to work the same as other OOP languages they're used to using. Their complaints are drawn because of their inexperience with the language and what they expect it to do based off of past experience, without actually taking the time to understand it. It's pretty rare for me to go through a week without having to explain to someone why a certain amount of code I wrote works. If they took the time to actually learn JS without making assumptions about it, I think they'd be pleasantly surprised with the elegance they can achieve utilizing it.


You're saying that someone who drives an automatic car with a modern engine and electronic assistance should accept that he has to learn how to drive a manual car and drive without assistance just because a language is hyped. (I'm a Front-end Developer)


No, he's saying they should learn to do so because they are colleagues that have to share code and knowledge with eachother. Why would you blame 'hype' when using JavaScript is inherit to the front-end?

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