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Discussion on: Flight Management System: Angular 9 + Spring Boot + REST APIs

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Springboot project is failing to build because i don't have ojdbc8 installed on my machine. Maybe you could've used embbed db or use docker compose configure ojdbc8.

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Sanchit Singhal Author


Yes I used the maven framework for building the project structure. You can see the pom.xml file in the root folder of the project structure. In that pom.xml file, there is a dependency of ojdbc which is not provided by the Spring framework and not supported by the maven. As there is no pre-defined oracle dependency like MySQL, MongoDB, and all. So I used to create the custom user-defined dependency of oracle and add it to the pom.xml file.

Steps for creating custom user-defined dependency for oracle:

  1. You have the ojdbc driver .jar file installed of any version (like I am using ojdbc6.jar)
  2. Now copy this .jar file.
  3. Go to the path in your C Drive: C:\Users\username\ .m2\repository\com\oracle\ojdbc6\
  4. Here indicates the version of ojdbc6.
  5. .m2 folder can be seen after insatlling maven on your system.
  6. Then you can see that there is no .jar file present in this path specified in step-3.
  7. Now you need to paste the driver (ojdbc6.jar file) in this path and rename that file as ojdbc6- (ojdbc6-version.jar- here version is in my case).
  8. After this you need to add the oracle dependecy in the pom.xml and the force update the project.
  9. Now you are able to build the SpringBoot project without failing.

For any more query please ping here in the comment section.


Happy learning

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