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WordPress 6.1 “Misha” released today: efforts of more than 800 contributors from 60+ countries.

WordPress 6.1 “Misha” was released today

This release is the culmination of a months-long effort to improve the design tooling consistency of WordPress’ core blocks.
it has tons of new features and options.

WordPress 6.1 expands the templates options available for site editing. It adds alot of new things regarding Full site Editing and new block design and template editing capabilities,

the New Twenty Twenty-Three Default Theme with 10 Style Variations
is one of the most anticipated parts of this release is the new Twenty Twenty-Three (TT3) default theme. This is a new kind of default theme that bundles a curated set of style variations - that come from the global community.

WordPress 6.1 includes more than 60 accessibility improvements and 25 tickets dedicated to performance. This release is the result of the tireless efforts of more than 800 contributors from 60+ countries. For a quick visual tour, check out the official WordPress 6.1 release article on

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