re: People give Java a lot of crap for it's verbosity. I started using Kotlin and began to love it's conciseness, and slowly started to hate Java for h...

Sometimes verbosity is necessary to express an idea with enough nuance.

Sometimes verbosity is not what we, in the modern world, would call a necessity or a demand but rather an unnecessary addition of words born out of verbosity not necessity, what one would call an unnecessary verbosity which truly adds nothing to the original idea, that of verbosity being unnecessary, meaning it is unnecessary verbosity.


Go strikes a really nice balance between verbosity and conciseness. Java, I feel, could be a little more concise... All the ByteArrayOutputStream outputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream() is a bit much, but other parts, such as not having true "properties" (and rather fields), is actually nice in my eyes.

You mean:
var outputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream()

? :)

Some of the machines I use can't update to Java 9 since it broke backward-compatability with using Java internal libraries, esp if I want to use tools like jd-gui

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