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Discussion on: Top 10 Developer Tools You Didn't Know You Needed

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Hi jay, great list you put up, I personally like jetbrains products they have make the the best IDE's.

I've got a question.

What happened to Postman?. I like their collections feature plus they are used by so many developers worldwide they must be doing something great

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Román Egüén Ruiz

Do you heard abaut swagger?

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I do agree. I use Postman for most of my API work and it might be the best tool out there to do so.

However, I'm surprised it is not included within the list.

Also, I was wondering... GitKraken looks awfully like Asana or I am mistaking?

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Devin W. Leaman

GitKraken has GitKraken Glo which functions really similar to Asana, and has a pretty similar design aesthetic.

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Doug Lance

I switched from Postman to using the REST client extension in VSCode (

It's really nice having all of your calls saved in version control and using the text editor to compose calls.