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Patterns: Writing a step component.

Bruno Dias
I write a lot of code.
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Step components are great, the problem is that
they can get messy when we have
a complex pipeline.

If you can find a package/library/module
that implements some kind of state machine
in your programming language, that is fine.

Here is one idea of how we can archive this
with our bear hands...

The idea

Each step knows to which step it should go next, but
they don't know how to get there. We can
delegate this responsibility to a controller.

Step controller

The controller will be responsible
to instantiate/render the initial step,
and, will give to the step all the necessary
functions to move around.

Here is an interface to illustrate.

interface StepController {
  void goToStep(step);
  // T represents additional stuff you can pass
  // if you need extra functionality like submit function... 
  void forward(T env);
  void back(T env);
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Step component

Every step must implement back and next
and they must return a Step, or, return
a step in an asynchronous structure that
your language supports, like async/await, Promise,

interface Step {
  Step | Async<Step> back();
  Step | Async<Step> next();
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With React

Managing the state is not a problem,
you can use either useState, useReducer...

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