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Hey, well done on planning and documenting your work like this week by week - do you publish it on your own blog too so you know you'll have it forever?

For that matter, if you're interested in Python, computer games and graphics, programming in general and much more besides, maybe come over to irc one day and talk to me directly in #ossasepia as you might find some projects to get involved in and learn as you go.


Hi! Unfortunately I still do not have my own blog. Nonetheless, I plan to make one on GitHub Pages. I will publish there my posts about #gsoc and #perl6 and some conferences and talk I have made.

As for Python, I have tried it and I really like it! I do not know a lot about graphics though, but I am willing to learn :D. I am kind of busy at this moment, but I will give a try it in the future.

Thanks for stopping by :D.

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