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re: This is very clear to everyone who thinks a little...But it is risk to admit that. We do not always need a new solution for old resolved problems. ...

"People who disagree with my opinion don't think or are scared to admit I am right."

Cool. Cool idea.


I am not certain that Paulo was trying to convey that sentiment; I took it as acknowledging people who are willing to try and reinvent the wheel for the sake of finding an alternative, if not better, solution.

As part of our commitment to creating a safe space for the discussion of ideas and in abidance with our code of conduct, I'd like to encourage inquisitive dialog instead of dismissing things immediately with sarcasm. Thanks :)

A huge thanks to you Scott. Of course that was not my intention. And Desmond, sorry if I sounded like that to you, but what I was trying to say is that is so easy to get to that conclusion and seems that nobody is talking that way...

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