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Discussion on: Swagger + Excel Sheets, a wonderful way of validating REST APIs

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Dheeraj Aggarwal Author

Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for the detailed feedback. It was really enlightening to me what the end user is actually perceiving with my post.

Few points for clarification:

  1. Data driven testing is just a small use case which vREST NG handles beautifully by seamlessly integrating with CSV files.
  2. Starting with API specification file is also not necessary as this is also one of the use case.
  3. In my opinion, most of the time is gone into checking the API functionality with valid and invalid business data which vREST NG solves beautifully.
  4. With vREST NG, you can easily validate your complex scenarios via request chaining.
  5. As of now, vREST NG doesn't support load testing or performance testing. But we have plans to support it in the near future.

I do not agree with statement that the tool generates a lot of manual work for writing the CSV files. Please justify that if I am wrong. Although it saves time by separating the test logic and test data. It even opens up possibility for the end user to generate those CSV files through an external script.

vREST NG is suitable for validating the cases like wrong character encoding, json format errors etc. Yes, as of now, it is not possible to validate concurrency, load tests, etc because load testing is not supported yet. But vREST NG is architected to handle this case as well.