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How gamebots in chatroom are made?

Jalal Uddin
Laravel - PHP - Vue - ❤
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If you ever have used mig33 chat application back in between 2006 to 2014, you know there were some gamerooms, where people joined to play games. Like if I give an example:

  • A chatroom named: "LowCard"
  • People can join the room and chat
  • when someone types: "!start bet_amount" the bot game is started
  • people types "!j" to join with spending the bet_amount
  • the bot plays in some round, and each round is timer based, 30 secs per round.
  • each round players can draw by typing "!d", and card draws randomly from 2 to A
  • each round the lowest card drawers are knocked out, and finally someone wins in the last round.

Now, my curiosity to seek knowledge is:

  • If I create an application using firebase as backend, we can easily setup the chat app.
  • but if we want to use the bot functionality, what will be my process?
  • I can not implement bot codes on client side, they are vulnerable and also bots are stateful.

How can I create this functionality using firebase as backend?

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Hanif Hefaz

Csn anyone reply to this thread?