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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Derek Fowler • Edited on

I wrote a post last year about this...

The situation has only gotten worse since then and, whilst I don't particularly mind the "10 things..." format, I agree that there needs to be a better way of differentiating fact from opinion.

Some other suggestions I made were things like version specific tags which could intelligently add a warning at the top of a post "This post is about an older version of X and may not be up to date". Also, I think a big thing missing on DEV is a way for other users to suggest edits for posts or be able to flag posts for moderation if their content is problematic in some way e.g. code samples contains SQL injection vulnerabilities. Stack Overflow has something like that and it definitely bring with it its own problems so really requires some thought about the implementation.

This stuff is always going to be hard but I definitely think things need to change because I've also noticed a big change in the comments sections on DEV. Where previously they were usually positive you can feel the community becoming more and more frustrated with the situation - would be interesting to do some sentiment analysis on the comments over time, I think.

Really want to avoid DEV becoming just another of those unfriendly communities it was set up to not be.