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Discussion on: Pod-to-pod network delays in AKS

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Deyan Petrov Author • Edited on

What does kubectl get events say?

I dont remember anymore, but must have dilligently described what I did ...

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Thanks for answering.

Executing the command without entering the parameter --socket /run/k3s/containerd/containerd.sock the error presented is: ctr: container "ksniff"" in namespace "": not found

Inserting this parameter the pod is deployed, however, the volume is not mounted and reports the error: Unable to attach or mount volumes: unmounted volumes=[container-socket], unattached volumes=[container-socket host default-token-7tfcb] : timed out waiting for the condition

I opened a support request in the Ksniff project, but so far I haven't had any feedback.

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Deyan Petrov Author

I am not sure what command you are sending ..

I see in your github issue this:

kubectl sniff -p nginx -n sniff --socket /run/k3s/containerd/containerd.sock -v

maybe you should try rearranging the parameters, and making sure nginx is the pod name (and the pod really exists), and sniff is the namespace name (and it really exists) ...

kubectl sniff POD-NAME -n POD-NAMESPACE-NAME -p

Not sure why you would need the --socket stuff ...