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re: Proper-Casing Excel Data With Python VIEW POST


Being Excel the tool I (and I Think not only me) use mostly at workplace, I started to get into coding practicing VBA which stand for Visual Basic for Application (office package). I Think is unfair compare python coding vs sheets formula/function. These suits more for end user who are either beginner or simply, as you stated, are not going to tackle big dataset or doing some complicated stuff(Matrix formulas/unary operator can get you through more advanced stuff but is not going to save you nor are easily usable on large dataset). If you do need to work on a spreadsheet/multiple spreadsheet, workbooks and such I will always choose to work in VBA.I am starting to learn python and watching How to do Excel stuff with it its really usefull for the Learning path.


Good point.

In presentations, I always compare Pandas to VBA (I describe it as "the easy syntax Excel's programming language should have been written with").

Lately, I've been trying to bang out a few supplemental bite-sized posts doing deep dives into easy tasks to which I can refer new students _(who are already looking into Python as a VBA alternative because they've hit a wall with Excel).

I should have thought about the fact that this needed a bit more context for strangers!

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