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What Can We Learn from Billionaires & Icons?

From the lives and experiences of billionaires and icons, what valuable lessons, habits, or principles can be applied to our personal and professional lives? Share your thoughts on the wisdom we can gain.

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Mike Stemle

I’m not sure they have much of value to teach us. None of them have much in common with folks who aren’t billionaires or icons outside of basic humanity, which I will concede is better than nothing.

When I work on my car or computer, for instance, it isn’t a hobby: it’s me maintaining my own equipment because I don’t have money to burn.

There is a real question about whether or not I will need to work my whole life, but this isn’t true for billionaires; they can stop working whenever they want to.

When my late father was diagnosed with cancer, he had no choice but to work while he went through treatment, and that simply isn’t the case for any billionaire.

So, my answer is “nothing.”

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Ben Sinclair

I don't think we can learn much that is positive but we can certainly see them as a warning.

So the best thing we can learn from billionaires is the red flags they have in common, so we can watch out for new ones on the rise.

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Some positives and some negatives come to mind. Not directed towards the human, but more towards the status of being rich

Disclaimer: Opinion incoming

(+) Hard work alone won't get you anywhere. If you want growth, you'll need to invest. That goes for assets and knowledge.
(+) Whether you like it or not: Money equals power. It's perhaps the most important part of our society if you want to make a positive impact.
(+) Red tape cannot be cut with words, only your own actions.

(-) While important, money corrupts. If not yourself, then those around you. Almost everyone has a price and their loyalty can be bought.
(-) Traditional capitalism is incompatible with environmentalism. Maximum growth equals maximum resource usage.
(-) Being wealthy and its obligations make you blind to everything outside your bubble. People that depend on you will lie shamelessly to keep the status quo.

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How to exploit the working class

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Luis Ovidio

We can learn that the class struggle is real, to start...

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Scott Reno

I think we can learn what NOT to do. Don't treat your employees like dirt and threaten them (talking to you Elon). Don't prioritize profits over people.

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we can learn the formula they used to become successful.

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Luis Ovidio

That's easy:

  • Inheritance
  • Political influent parents
  • Workers exploitation