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The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

1. Top Priority

  • Why accessibility matters
  • Making a website accessible
  • Testing accessibility

2. 10+ years of Vue experience, please

A fun app for recruiters ;)

3. Where do you spend your time?

If it's in the terminal and you've customized zero things, this post is for you! If your terminal is ultra configured, leave share additional suggestions in the comments :)

4. Don't split the canvas

Every individual/team works differently. Adrián explains why they believe git branching is harmful to the development cycle.

5. Grok testing

  • What is Testing
  • Benefits of Testing
  • Black Box vs White Box
  • Test Pyramid
  • Structuring Tests
  • What to Test
  • When to Write Tests

6. An excellent language

Exactly at the title suggestions. Arik shares how features like JVM to automatic memory management are reasons why they love Java.

7. Don't believe everything you read on the internet

Common misconceptions about DevOps 🙃

That's it for our weekly wrap up! Keep an eye on this week for daily content and discussions...and if you miss anything, we'll be sure to recap it next Monday!

Discussion (10)

maxwell_dev profile image
Max Antonucci

Always glad to see my posts appear here. One of the simplest yet biggest joys is seeing people enjoy what I write :)

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Congrats everyone who made the list.

It's worth noting that some folks make the list due to controversy. It is what it is.

alysivji profile image
Aly Sivji

Making the list was of my goals for the year and I'm happy I hit with a few weeks to spare!

I've started writing up Testing 102. Stay tuned!

ben profile image
Ben Halpern


designpuddle profile image
Chris Bertrand

When does the week officially start? My code review post went up last Monday and didn't make the cut. Anyhow, really happy for everyone up there especially James post and subsequent app. Always nice making the top 7.

jess profile image
Jess Lee Author

Hey Chris! The week starts Monday - Sunday (GMT Time). We also take into account posts that are published later in the week.

designpuddle profile image
Chris Bertrand

Haha, so I posted at around 9am GMT, does that mean I decided to post right at the end of the previous week? I feel like the algorithm should maybe take that into consideration?

jsrn profile image

Really pleased and surprised at the positive response to my post. I guess the lesson learned is: if you can't impress people with technical ability, poking fun at recruiters is always a crowd-pleaser.

Odd to see something so silly nestled in there amongst six other useful, insightful posts.

Much love to all the people who contributed!

mattstratton profile image
Matt Stratton

Hey, I was about to say the same thing about my post being the silly one!

adityasridhar profile image
Aditya Sridhar • Edited on

Nice Articles :)

One of my post was published on Oct 29th itself. Would this count for the next top 7 posts?. Not sure if it comes within the week :)

Here is the post

Just Curious :D