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HNGI8: It all begins here

Hello, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. My name is Shuaibu Muhammad and i am currently participating in the HNGi8 a remote tech internship which has officially kicked off and we have already been given our first task which is to write an article/blog.

I applied for the Backend track which includes but not limited to Nodejs, Go lang, php and others. This article is going to be in 2 sections. Section 1 is for my goal and what i want to achieve from the HNGi8 internship and Section 2 is for beginner tutorials on various technologies.

Section 1

My Goals

My goal/aim is pretty simple which is to reach the final, get the famous HNG branded T-shirt and put the tag "HNG finalist" on all my bios. it's funny right?
Achievements after 8 weeks.

  • Make meaningful connections because I deeply believe so much in networking.

  • Gain valuable work experience and become a better team player.

  • Develop and refine my present skills and the skills i would learn during the internship.

  • Gain confidence because i know how much of it that I'm lacking.

  • Be a better all round developer than I was at the beginning of this internship.

Section 2

click on the image to watch the video on YouTube

Beginners tutorial on Javascript

Beginners tutorial on Figma.

Beginners tutorial on GIT.

Beginners tutorial on HTML.

Beginners tutorial on CSS.

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