If you could work in any tech company, which one will it be?

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Hi Everyone,

I want to know the following:

If you could work in any tech company, which one will it be? And Why?

Back in college I used to have a very good friend named Chris. He graduated and landed a job at Google right after graduation. Google was the company that he always wanted to work for. I saw him in April and asked him the same question I'm asking you. Chris, replied "I work where I belong, I have my dream job".

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Mention the NAME of the company and the WHY? keep it in one sentence or one word.

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The Walt Disney Company (Disney Tech Division, of course!) - Disney has always inspired me to dream big, work hard, and never let setbacks hold me down.


Niceeeeeeee! I used to work with the Agile coach from Disney tech division. He loved working there


Working with the Agile coach must have been awesome! I've spoken to a few people who worked at Disney, and they all say the same thing too. It makes me more motivated to earn a job with WDC!

Have you thought about applying anytime soon?


Apple,I love their philosophy and their approach to doing things. And they are damn good at it.


No doubt Google. Several months ago I saw internship movie and since then I like to work there because of the way they are working.

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