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Reduce in 5 Minutes

Wonderful man 👍

How JavaScript Works🔥 🤖 [Visually Explained]

One day I'll get a job and I'll buy you a coffee . Thanks for...

A Ridiculously Simple Way For Creating Responsive Web Apps


What is useEffect Hook in ReactJS?How useEffect works and where to use it?

It is not guaranteed that useEffect function will be called o...

Support API versioning with Lambda function and API gateway

Thanks for this article. It was helpful .

My beloved Django cheat sheet

Brilliant work 🙌👌

Django Class Views vs Function Views

Brilliant !

Top 18 Git commands that you should know

Wow ! Thanks a lot

Should I listen to music while coding?

Even i do

FriendBook - The Social Media

That's nice . Great work

Understand GraphQL in 5 minutes

Incredible tutorial

The Best Way To Dark Mode Your Website In My Opinion.

Wow !!

What exactly is the DOM?!

Can't thank you enough. I ve been learning JavaScript for a w...

Django + MySQL, How to port your web application from SQLite to MySQL

Thanks a lot

Daily Challenge #64- Drying Potatoes

I didn't know that we can define a function and return it i...

Daily Challenge #64- Drying Potatoes

def potatoes (p0 , w0 , p1) : return (100-p0) * w0 / (1...

Daily Challenge #63- Two Sum

global sum_value sum_value = int(input("Enter the sum valu...

Daily Challenge #34 - WeIrD StRiNg CaSe

def weird_string (string) : result = "" for index i...

Daily Challenge #61 - Evolution Rate

Thank you

Daily Challenge #61 - Evolution Rate

def getEvolutionratemessage (before , after) : try : ...

What is your favorite IDE

Of course vs code

Daily Challenge #61 - Evolution Rate

Oyeeeeee Thanks a lot , man I appreciate it ... Can u help...

Daily Challenge #61 - Evolution Rate

{ % gist %}

Daily Challenge #45 - Change Machine


Daily Challenge #40 - Counting Sheep


Daily Challenge #57 - BMI Calculator


Daily Challenge #52 - Building a Pyramid


Daily Challenge #52 - Building a Pyramid


Daily Challenge #47 - Alphabets


Daily Challenge #48 - Facebook Likes

[ ]

Daily Challenge #33 - Did you mean...?

plzz explain ur code to me ...

Daily Challenge #32 - Hide Phone Numbers

Daily Challenge #30 - What is the price?

Daily Challenge #22 - Simple Pig Latin

Daily Challenge #11 - Cubic Numbers

{ % gist % }

Daily Challenge #11 - Cubic Numbers

Wow ... That's too good ... But how about the secondary ob...