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Discussion on: What is useEffect Hook in ReactJS?How useEffect works and where to use it?

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Dev Prakash

It is not guaranteed that useEffect function will be called on every rerender .
But in the following case it will :
If you pass some state in the dependency array , so whenever that state changes its value then it would mean two things to the react . changing this value will cause useEffect function to be called again , and also since this is a state , it will rerender the component .
Order of execution will be( after initial render ) :
1 . New component will be rendered and it will be displayed on to the browser (also called painted on to the browser )

2 . if you have defined some cleanup function , then cleanup function will be called for the previous component .
3 . At last useEffect function will be called for this new component .

There is this beautiful and comprehensive article on the same by Dan Abramov .
Take a look for better understanding .

Happy coding