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Liam Gomez
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Day 3/100 Java


Time Period Spent:

Course Taken:
Udemy: Java Programming Masterclass - Tim Buchalka

Todays Learning:

  • Keyword and expressions
  • Statements, Whitespace and Indentation
  • Code Blocks
  • IF Else Control Statements
  • Methods
  • Using DiffMerge Tool
  • Challenges:
    • Methods
    • IF Else

Additional Notes:
Comparatively to python as is any other language you have the main concepts with name changes. This being a class-based, object-oriented language it is going to take some getting used to. Nothing new from todays course lessons, still going through the main programming concepts but learning the syntax differences, there's a lot. The course provides a grand number of coding challenges, which in my defence assists me as I grasp on better in performing the action.

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