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7 Popular React Native UI Component Libraries You Should Know

If you are building an application of any size, you are likely to need a component library. Component libraries allow you to create a consistent feel for your application. They will often adapt well when switching between desktop and mobile clients. Most importantly, component libraries often give your application a usability boost. They have been either generated from design standards that have been thoroughly tested (such as Material Design) or developed over several years.

In this post, We will make review the most popular React Native UI component libraries.

1. NativeBase

NativeBase is a collection of essential cross-platform React Native components. The components are built with React Native combined with some JavaScript functionality with customizable properties. NativeBase is fully open-source and has 18,000+ stars on GitHub.

When using NativeBase, you can use any native third-party libraries out of the box. The project itself comes with a rich ecosystem around it, from useful starter kits to customizable theme templates.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy component styling;
  • Import custom components;
  • Intuitive component structure;
  • Wide range of component options;
  • Use any native third-party libraries;

2. React Native Elements

React Native Elements provides an all-in-one UI kit for creating a cross-platform application in React Native. It has over 23k stars on Github.

Feature Highlights

  • Built completely in TypeScript. Starting your react native app has never been easier. Supports Expo too!
  • Easily style any of our components just the way you want.
  • Consistent design across android, iOS, and web. 30+ components designed to save development time.

3. UI Kitten

React Native UI Kitten is a React Native implementation of the Eva Design system. It offers a set of general-purpose UI components styled in the same way to take care of visual appearance. There are a lot of standalone components available as well.

UI Kitten stores style definitions separately from business logic. UI elements are styled in the same manner. This concept is similar to CSS, where style classes are separate from the code.

Feature Highlights

  • Consistent design across android, iOS, and web. 30+ components designed to save development time.
  • Use several themes or create your custom ones.
  • Comprehensive documentation with tons of examples answers any questions that a developer might have

4. React-native-paper

React Native Paper is a collection of customizable and production-ready components for React Native, following Google’s Material Design guidelines. Global theming support and an optional babel plugin to reduce bundle size are also there.

Feature Highlights

  • Provides support for over 30 components.
  • Community support through GitHub issues.
  • React Native Paper is also compatible with web using React Native Web.

5. Shoutem

Shoutem provides a set of cross-platform components for iOS and Android, and all components are built to be both composable and customizable. Each component also has a predefined style that is consistent with the rest, which makes it possible to build complex components without manually defining complex styles.

Feature Highlights

  • A total of 20 UI components;
  • A GitHub star rating of 4.8k stars
  • An array of app themes to choose from
  • Community support through GitHub issues

6. react-native-maps

react-native-maps offers map components for your Android or iOS application. The kit offers different types of component API such as MapView, Marker, Callout, Polygon, Polyline, Circle, and Overlay.

Feature Highlights

  • Community support through GitHub issues
  • A GitHub star rating of 13.8k stars

7. React Native Gifted Chat

react-native-gifted-chat is the complete chat UI solution for your application. It offers fully customizable components, multiline text input, avatars, copying messages to the clipboard, attachment options, etc.

Feature Highlights

  • Redux is supported.
  • Community support through GitHub issues.
  • There are 12k stars on GitHub.


These are some of the most popular React Native UI Components Library on the market we’ve selected for you. All of these libraries are built to make your development much faster and more convenient. But remember that These libraries each other have their own unique features for you to work with according to your project type. So, We recommend you do your own analysis before choosing the best library for your project.

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