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Figma and GitHub Thumbnail Generator ✨

Hey friends, does your Figma projects look like this? 🤮

Well, this look is usually common for busy designers.
Messy Figma Project

That's why I built Figpeek ✨

I've built this tool called Figpeek that generates a Figma thumbnail for designers to improve their workflow and organize their projects. This tool also fits in GitHub repositories! 🤯

What is Figpeek?

Figpeek is a new Figma and GitHub thumbnail generator. With Figpeek you can create and experiment your own thumbnail with ease.

Figma projects with Figpeek

Organize Projects
You can organize your projects with thumbnail that you created on Figpeek. Try it now at

Top comments (5)

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Wow so cool!

deathvenom54 profile image

This looks amazing!
I wonder if this would work for GitHub as well? Heck, you could provide an option to adjust the aspect ratio, making it pretty much universal!

devkurono profile image
Justin Author • Edited on

Yes, this is also fitted in GitHub repositories, thanks for the suggestion, I will include your idea in my next update, thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it! 💚

Alt text

proochles profile image
Clifford Robinson

Love it!

devkurono profile image
Justin Author

Thank you, I really appreciate your comment! 💚

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