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In this post I will be sharing an awesome tool that is set to make building React web applications faster and easier, reducing your development time with it’s codebase generator built by Gabe Ragland

In this post I will discuss:

  1. Understanding what Divjoy is and what it’s not.
  2. Getting started with Divjoy and it’s features.
  3. Opinion with possible features I crave to see in the nearest future.

What Divjoy is

Divjoy is a “web based react codebase generator that helps you create the perfect codebase for your project” . Imagine you have a project and you need to make an MVP asap, you really want to focus on implementing your business logic and setup your contents quickly.

Even at this point you definitely want to have a very stable codebase and not worry about what library to use for auth service, routing and debates on react stuff …you know the drill and that is the essence of divjoy — I love this coined phrase “create react app on steroids” — a stable react codebase and its’s features which we will touch very soon.

What it’s not

Earlier during the day launch on twitter, As a back-end developer it was so exciting to finally have a front-end tool that takes away the hassle of setting up a basic react web application and I made a tweet on it.

My tweet was contested and I paraphrase “It was not a good way to grow”, “you need to learn to build stuff” and “building from scratch helps you have a good skill set”

To be frank this opinion is true but they are not applicable to Divjoy if you reexamine the pros. Divjoy is not the tool that makes you forget/ignore building and owning your front-end and it does not encourage it , in-fact it gives you a plate to build on and allows you to focus on the important things.

I would say it’s not ideal for a beginner/newbie to dive straight into Divjoy without understanding the internals of react but if you do then Divjoy definitely makes you a ninja in development and —

Getting Started — Features

5 simple steps

Obviously goto

Choose your stack : with drop down options in each UI kits, frameworks, mailing, authentication, google analytics, contact forms etc.


Select a template: cool templates with routed FAQ, Contact, about, and landing pages, last time I checked more components are still being developed for the dashboard.


A react codebase smart editor: hot-reload feature, components tree map, editor and preview.


Export code BOOM 😱 done.


  1. I am still very excited about the tool but I’d love to see
    installing divjoy via the terminal obviously with npm then I can select my preferred stacks.

  2. certainly more components.

  3. If possible a full fledged cross-platform app — i know i’m very ambitious.

  4. I wish but too bad no plans yet to open-source Divjoy.
    Certainly if you have more ideas to help divjoy you can contribute via the community channel

spectrum community chat

Lastly the awesome thing about Divjoy is it brings developers


yeah you saw that coming 👋👋👋

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