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A Talk With...Cesare Ferrari

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Dev Interviews (2 Part Series)

1) My new organization! 2) A Talk With...Cesare Ferrari

In our first article we interview Cesare Ferrari, a web application developer @ Mary & Ferrari.
We talk about daily article writing, an un-sexy project and so much more!
Let's get right into it!

@jcowie : Hi Cesare! How's it going?

@cesareferrari : Hi Jackson, I am doing good. How about you?

@jcowie : Not bad, not bad, now let's get onto the real questions.

@jcowie : So, Writing daily to DEV is a difficult task, how do you always have ideas for articles, what sparks your inspiration and do you ever feel stuck when thinking about article ideas?

@cesareferrari : You know, it may seem so, but it's much easier to write every day than once a week or once a month. It's like running, if you run once a week you get all stiff and tired, but if you run every day, it's no big deal.

@jcowie : Ah and just like running if you don't keep doing it, you find it harder to get back into it.

@cesareferrari : Exactly. It all comes down to building a routine, so you don't have to think about it, you just do it.

@jcowie : What about Article Ideas?

@cesareferrari : I write about what I learn, so there's no shortage of topics to write about. As developers, we learn every day, so we can easily write down what we learn every day. If anything, it feels like I have the opposite problem, too many things to learn and write about, and too little time.

@jcowie : Hahaha, You write a lot about React and Redux, how did you get into it?

@cesareferrari : As I said before, I write about what I learn, and since I am learning about React and Redux these days, I try to explore as many angles of this technology as I can. It's a popular technology right now because many companies are actively hiring React

@jcowie : Yes, it's a very useful language to have under your belt, I might even consider learning it one day. How would you recommend I or any others go about learning it?

@cesareferrari : I think the best way to learn React or any other technology, is to just build something useful in it. There are plenty of tutorials online that teach you how to create a small app in React and I think that's a good way to start learning. Teaching other people what you are learning about also helps a lot in learning. When you approach something with the purpose of teaching it, it sticks much better in your brain, so you learn faster.

@jcowie : Ah, sounds like a good idea.

@cesareferrari : Yes, You don't have to know everything about a topic in order to teach it. You just have to know a little bit more than the person you are teaching to.

@jcowie : I like that, I'm gonna stick that on a plaque.

@cesareferrari : hahaha

@jcowie : Anyway, Away from your keyboard, what do you enjoy doing? Do you have any way to relax or wind-down?

@cesareferrari : I like to cook, bake, and walk around in nature. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, and there are plenty of woods and animals around here.

@jcowie : Nice, I live in Scotland and I too love walking around in the woods, get some fresh air and keep active.

@jcowie : I'm sure you've worked on a lot of projects in the past but has there been one that you are more proud of or more impressed than any others?

@cesareferrari : Yes, I have a project that I have been working on for several years now.
It's an online catalogue for truck suspensions and springs that I have developed for a local company that builds these parts.

@jcowie : Nice, sounds like a good backend project.

@cesareferrari : Yes, It's a very un-sexy project, unless you are a truck mechanic I guess, but I like it because it turns out that finding the exact truck spring and suspensions is often problematic for the mechanics that need to repair these large vehicles.

The web application is designed to facilitate these searches in unique and creative ways so customers can find parts quickly and easily.

The application is also built to automate parts updates by integrating legacy data sources and existing workflows my client already had in place for dealing with truck parts, like inventory systems, pricing, and ordering systems.

@jcowie : Final Question Cesare, Windows, Mac or Linux and why?

@cesareferrari : I am not very familiar with Windows. I have always used a Macintosh, but I have an old laptop that runs Linux Mint and works very well for me.

I think for developer work it's probably just easier to use a Unix based machine because there are many tools available and production machines tend to run some version of Linux.

But I see developers using Windows effectively all the time, so I think it just comes down to personal preference and what's available.

@jcowie : Yeah, it's also important to make sure that your code can work on all types of systems. I tend to switch between Kali Linux and Linux Mint, I don't like Windows.

@jcowie : Well, Thanks for being our first guest Cesare, it's been great to have you here, do you have anything else you would like to say before we go?

@cesareferrari : Thank you, it's been a pleasure to be here with you. I enjoy being part of the DEV community and having the opportunity to learn every day from such great people.

@jcowie : Well Put Cesare, DEV is such a great community to learn from and I also enjoy being part of this amazing community. See you later!

@cesareferrari : Have a good day!

@jcowie : You too!

What a great first Interview! Cesare was a great guy to talk to and I look forward to seeing more of his great content.
Go check him out by clicking on his username and subscribe to his newsletter for more of his great articles! https://cesare.substack.com/

Thank you for reading this article, please send us some feedback on our format and feel free to get in touch about anything by clicking the email: interviews.dev@gmail.com

Dev Interviews (2 Part Series)

1) My new organization! 2) A Talk With...Cesare Ferrari

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It was fun to learn more about the person behind the work. Great interview @cesareferrari and cool idea @jcowie